Department of Physics

Achievements :

Following papers were published by the faculty members -

1.“Growth and characterization of tin selenide films synthesized by low cost technique for photovoltaic device applications”.

Vipin Kumar, Pravin Kumar, S. Yadav , Virendra Kumar , M. K. Bansal, D. K. Dwivedi, J. Mater. Sci: Mater Electron (2016 )27, 4043-4049.

2. "Pressure dependent viscosity and free volume of activation in hydrocarbons and other liquids". Piyush Kuchhal, Manoj Bansal Int J Chem Tech Res (2015)6, 5503-5509 .

3. "Influence of sintering temperature on optical, structure and electrical properties of screen-printed CdZnS films". Vipin Kumar, Manoj Bansal Appl. Sci Letts 2015, 1, 86-89.

4. “Thermally Stimulated Currents Technique to Study Traps in Insulators and Semiconductors”, Sarish Yadav, Sudhir K. Sharma, Ashok Kumar.   IJAP, vol. (11), no. (2), April-June 2015, pp. 3-12.

5.“Effect of exposure of light on density of defect state in Se96Bi4Glassy Alloys”.Krishna Ji Shukla, S.Yadav, R.K.Shukla, A.Kumar, Journal of Applied Physical Science International, 01/2015; 4(1):2395-5279.

6. “Challenges & opportunities in fabrication of transparent superhydrophobic surfaces”. R. K. Gupta, Pravin Kumar & et al. Current Nanoscience (2016)

7. “Optimization condition of grafting of polyvinlidene fluoride film by methyl-2-   methylpropenoate using benzoyl peroxide as initiator”, Pravin Kumar, Rajeev K. Gupta ,IJESRR, Volume 2, Issue 4 Aug.2015 pp 19-28.

8.“Variation of contact angle with grafting parameters for pure water on polyvinylidne fluoride film”. Pravin Kumar, Rajeev K. Gupta , IIJERMT ,Volume 2 Issue-4 JULY 2015 pp 199-204.

Mr. Pravin Kumar, Assistant Professor  has successfully completed his PHD under the guidance of Dr. Rajeev K. Gupta Associate Professor, Department of Physics University of Petroleum and energy studies Dehradun. He has published two international, two national papers and presented two papers in conferences during his research work.

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