The college campus has an air-conditioned well equipped central library. Each department also has its own departmental library.

The library offers Book-Bank Facility.

The aim of central library is to serve the needs of our faculty and students.

It is a centre for collection of over One Lac’s Eight Thousand two Hundred Eighty Volume of Books.

We have subscribed to more than 117 national and international journals in print and 9,348 e-journals with the literature, predominantly, related to science and engineering technology, business management education and its allied subjects.



Our library has stepped into library automaton with prepared a database of books and periodicals in different subjects. In house library activities like acquisition etc has been automated by using NETTLIB / VIDYUT: A total library management system version # 3.0.2 with online public access catalogue (OPAC) service. This allows for search on Author, Title, Subject and Accession Number via a user friendly interface.

All activities have been computerized including the issue return of books. All books have been barcoded.


In continuation of above achievements, the central library has become subscribes of online 9,348 e- journals in science and engineering technology, through to foreign publisher’s i.e. IEEE, ASME, ASCE, Springer, EBSCO Science Direct; BENTHAM, Science ,Mc-Graw ASTM Digital library, J-Gate engineering and management Sciences, for availing this facility Library has provided 30 terminals for accessing of E-Books/ Magazine and Journals. This facility gives access to current as well as previous issues of major international journals on science and technology.

Central Library at a Glance


Total Library Books 1,08,280            
Titles of Books 14,800

Journal & CDs

Contents No. of volume
Journals 168
Magazine 25
C.D ROM 1250
Project Report 1500


1. Student Members 4,232
2. Staff Members 85
3. Faculty Members 260
  Total 5774

Average Books issued for Home Reading:


Central Library 18,297



  1. Complete Automated Library with bar-code System.
  2. Availability of on-Line journals and E-Books.
  3. On-Line Journals facility more than 9000 Journals for all courses.
  4. 1250 CD Rom Collection.


Library has using Using a Library software NETTLIB/VIDUT: A total library management system version #3.0.2 with online public access catalogue (OPAC)service, this allows for search by author,title,subject, accession,ISBN Number and key, library has also provide WEB OPAC service which is the help any member of library can register himself on-line.


Library has provided e-library facility with the 30 terminals for accessing of e-books and the following full Text e-resources: i.e.IEEE,ASME ASCE,Springer,Science Direct,Mc Graw hill access engineering , J-GATE Management and ASTM Digital Library.



  1. On-Line Public Access Catalogue
  2. Reference Services
  3. Scanner Service
  4. Internet Connectivity
  5. E-Library Service
  6. Printer Facility
  7. Reprography Services
  8. Current Awareness Services
  9. Fully A.C Reading and Reference Section
  10. Text-Book loan(Book-Bank)
  11. Journal and Magazine
  12. E-Journals facility
  13. Wi-Fi connectivity
  14. News clipping facility
  15. Ready reference service.


S. No. Branch / Course Title Volume
1. Computer Science 863 6755
2. Information Technology 761 6615
3. Electronic & Communication 816 6011
4. Electrical & Electronics 794 5876
5. Mechanical Engineering 824 5962
6. Civil Engineering 696 5562
7. Chemical Engineering 687 4062
8. Humanities 1069 5932
9. MBA 128 1641 6940
10. MBA 271 1895 8221
11. MCA 1502 6940
12. PGDM 480 1482
13. Pharmacy 1410 7484
14. Book-Bank 699 29765
  TOTAL 14500 1,08, 282

NEWS LETTER: Institution has Subscribed 10 News Letter.


MAGAZINE: Institute Has Subscribed 25 national & International Magazine.


NEWS PAPER: Institute has Subscribed 15 Newspaper in Central Library.


JOURNAL: Institution has subscribed 168 National and International journals.




Web site URL for access of on-line e-journals:







McGraw hill                                  


ASTM Digital Library                

http //compass.astm.org

J-Gate Management                    

Elsevier (Pharmacy)                      




BIT Library Rules

Library Hours :09:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Weekend       :09:00 AM to 04:30 PM

 1.Students will be permitted to enter the library only if they carry their identity cum library card.

2.All library users must sign in/sign out in the register available with the attendant at the library entrance.

3.Personal belongings are not allowed in the library and can be kept in racks on ground floor, however. The students may carry loose papers and note books.

4.User’s of the library should not deface, mark, cut, and mutilate or damage the library property in any way. Person doing so will be fined heavily, apart from being asked to pay the cost of the damage.

5.Three library books will be issued to each student from library for duration of  10 days and one book per subject from book bank for a complete semester.

6.Six Books will be issued to each Faculty for the duration of complete semester.

7.In case the book is not returned on due date, the borrower will be asked to pay Rs-2/- per day for the book as penalty charges.

8.In case of loss of book by the borrower he/she shall replace the book + late fine as admissible. If he/she does not replace the book then he/she has to pay double cost of the book.

9.At the time of late fine individual must collect receipt for the payment from the library.

10. No Dues Certificate will be given only after surrendering of the Identity Card.

11. The use of cell phones in the library is forbidden, users are not permitted to smoke, consume food or drink in the library.

12. Complete silence should be maintained Group Discussions, Lectures are not allowed in the library.


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