Course Outcomes (MGMT)

The following course outcomes demonstrate how the core management courses in the MBA curriculum support the program’s outcomes.

MB 101- Principles & Practice of Management
After completing the course student will be able to understand and explain the concept of management and its managerial perspective.  It subject will equip students to map complex managerial aspect arise due to ground realities of an organization. They will Gain knowledge of contemporary issues in Management principles and various approaches to resolve those issues.

 MB 102- Economics for Managers
 After studying the subject the students will be able to understand and explain the concept of economics and its managerial perspective including the real  insight  of  the  consumer’s  economic  behaviour  leading  them  to  estimate  the  demand  for  the  new product as well as changes in the existing products.

MB 103- Accounting & Financial Analysis
After completing the subject students will be able to:
-Analyze  a  company’s  financial  statements  and  come  to  a  reasoned  conclusion  about  the financial situation of the company.
-Use accounting and business terminology, and understand the nature and purpose of generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).-  -Explain the objective of financial reporting, the elements of the financial statements, and the related key accounting assumptions and principles.
-Define  and  distinguish  between  cash  basis  and  accrual  basis  accounting  and  the  impact  of each on the financial statements.
-Recognize  the  information  conveyed  in  each  of  the  four  basic  financial  statements  and  the way it is used by investors, creditors, regulators, and managers.
-Identify  and  illustrate  how  internal  controls  are  used  to  manage  and  control  the  firm’s resources and risk.
MB 104- Organisational Behaviour
This course will equip students with an ability to Identify, explore and examine factors impinge on individual and group behaviour in organizations in the new millennium. Explain the terminology associated with organizational behaviour. Incorporate  and  apply  the  predominant  organizational  behaviour  theories  to  gain  knowledge  of contemporary  issues  in  organizational  behaviour  and  frameworks  to  work  with  real  life organizational issues concerned with Human Behaviour at work place.

MB 105- Business Statistics
Student will be able to understand the measurement  systems  variability,  control  processes  (as  in  statistical  process  control  or SPC), for summarizing data, and to make data-driven decisions.

MB 106- Marketing Management
This course will equip students to review marketing issues with respect to understand basic concepts of Marketing, understand target segmentation and consumer decision making design of products that meet consumer needs understand pricing, channels of distribution understand marketing communication.

MB 107-Computer Concepts & Managerial Applications
Students will able to understand the concepts of computer and various software’s related to it. The use of MS Office (Excel, Access & Power point) helps in different type of analysis and projection of reports related to the business management. The software helps in planning & coordinating the supply chain of the company. Approximately half of the course emphasis is on computer concepts and half of the course emphasis is on the use of computer applications in taking the managerial decisions.

MB 108 –Managerial Communication
The students will understand the basic concepts and techniques of communication that are useful in developing skills of communicating effectively.  The  effort  is also  to  facilitate  student’s  understanding  of  crucial  communication  principles  and  to  develop effective  writing  skills.   This  course  provides  opportunities  to  analyze  complex  issues,  organize thoughts  logically,  and  communicate  these  complex  ideas  concisely.  To  effectively  illustrate  the concepts  of  communication  a wide  variety  of  sources  are  to  be  used  including  videos,  newspaper clippings, articles from magazines and journals, websites.
MB 201: Human Resources Management
After completing this course the students should be able to understand the concepts, principles and processes of HRM, understand the crucial role that HRM plays in helping organizations all over the world adapt to the endless change today.
MB 202: Research Methodology
After completing this course the students should be able to understand the principles of research and enable students to link the research process with theories of their specialist areas.
MB 203: Operations Research
After completing this course the students should be able to understand a wide variety of applications and problems that can be addressed using Operations Research techniques.
MB 204: Management Accounting & Control
By the end of the course, students should be able to analyze wide variety of costing process. It also helps the students to learn the management of funds by means of budgets and the use of management accounting information to make informed and accountable decisions.
MB 205: Financial Management
After completing this course the students should be able to make optimum decisions pertaining to raising funds, making investments & managing the assets of a corporation, big or small, with an ultimate goal of creating value.
MB 206: Production & Operations Management
This course aids in understanding the role of operations on achieving various competitive capabilities. The students also learn how to help an organization in improving productivity and meeting customer’s competitive capabilities.
MB 207: Business Environment
After completion of the subject the students will be familiarized with the nature of business environment and its components. The subject contents facilitate the students to develop conceptual framework of business environment and generate interest in international business.
MB 208: Comprehensive Viva
After the completion of First year, the students are verbally evaluated on over all assimilation of business knowledge taught in the class room in the first year.
MBA 031: Supply Chain Management
After completion of this course, the students learn how businesses acquire, produce, and deliver manufactured goods and services across the world. They also learn to integrate strategic procurement and supply management, manufacturing and service operations, demand fulfillment, reverse logistics, recycle, and remanufacture processes with information systems as the critical enabler of supply chain efficiencies and responsiveness.
MBA 032: Strategic Management
After studying the extensive use of case studies, the students focus on diagnosis of problems and opportunities as well as the development of alternative courses of action and implementing organizational leadership.
MBA 033: Management Information System
The course provides students a fundamental understanding of management information systems concepts and their role in contemporary business. At the end of this course, students should be able to participate in information systems development as an informed person.
MBA 034: Consumer Behavior & Marketing Communication
After completion of this course the students would be aware about the concepts, techniques for developing an effective advertising program and to develop a basic understanding of the concepts of Media Planning and understanding various mass media formats prevalent in India.
MBA035: Summer Training Project Report
The Summer Training is an integral part of MBA Programme and aims at achieving multiple objectives.  Its foremost objective is the application of knowledge and techniques learnt in the first year to real business problems. It gives an insight into the working of the real organizations by giving deeper understanding in specific functional areas. Finally, it helps a student in exploring career opportunities in their areas of interest.
MBA HR 01: Personal Growth and Training & Development
After completion of this course the students develop an understanding of planning and implementing training activities in an organization, to develop basic skills for designing and conducting the training programme with an application of consideration that underline the management of training functions in an organization.
MBA HR 02: Industrial Relations and Labor Enactments
The students will be able to sensitize and get exposure to critical tasks, functions and issues of industrial relations and to gain insight into the dynamics of employee management relations on the different job situations after completing this course.
MBA MK 01: Marketing of Services
The course helps students to apply marketing concepts and principles to the unique challenges and opportunities of services marketing to create customer value.
MBA MK 02: Marketing Research
This course helps students with an understanding of the research process, tools and techniques in order to facilitate managerial decision making.
MBA FM 01: Management of Working Capital
The course helps to appraise students with the importance of working capital and the techniques used for effective working capital management. A managerial accounting strategy focusing on maintaining efficient levels of both components of working capital, current assets and current liabilities, in respect to each other.
MBA FM 02: Security Analysis and Investment Management
The students will learn the fundamentals of investment and the concept of equilibrium in the market and to provide the various techniques available for minimizing risk and optimizing return for combination of financial assets.

MBA IB 01: International Marketing
The students develop critical skills required for effective international marketing strategies to develop a global perspective on international marketing problems and to enhance the ability for taking up international marketing management functions

MBA IB 02: International business environment and foreign exchange economics
The subject will enable students to understand the maintenance and development of an organization’s production or market interests across national borders with either local or expatriate staff. The process of running a multinational business made up of formerly independent organizations. The body of skills, knowledge and understanding required to manage cross-cultural operations

MBA IT 01: Database management system
The students would be conversant with the large databases, customized creation and storage of data in databases. Optimization in the process of data retrieval through customized query processes, the various concepts and models used in the database applications and the various types of high-end databases applications like Oracle operations for storage & retrieval of data.
MBA IT 02: System analysis & design and software engineering
The students will be familiarizing with the various concepts of system analysis, design, planning and software engineering.
MBA 041: Entrepreneurship Development
After completion of this course the students would be able to understand the relevance of entrepreneurship as a means of management practice in the context of a fast changing organizational structure in a global environment. It includes identification and development of opportunities for an entrepreneur in an uncertain and inflexible environment and ways and means to minimize the external threats. The content will be multidisciplinary with the view to cover a whole range of issues pertaining to entrepreneurship and small scale industry.
MBA 042: Corporate Governance, Values & Ethics
After completion of this  course students would be  able to  develop  an  understanding  and  appreciation  of  the importance of value  system, ethical conduct  in business and  role and  responsibilities of corporate  in social  systems.  It  aims  at  applying  the  moral  values  and  ethics  to  the  real  challenges  of  the organizations.
MBA HR 03: Team Building & Leadership
The nature and complexities of tasks and responsibilities, and the challenge faced by modern organizations in the emerging business environment, suggest that managers must learn to work effectively with teams of colleagues and subordinates. They must do so both internally and externally and at top, middle and lower levels. This subject will help students to develop their leadership potential and skills alongside skills in team building.
MBA HR 04: Negotiation & Counseling
By studying this paper the students understand the business negotiation process in general and the contexts which should be taken into consideration for negotiation purpose. At the same time this course will develop negotiating ability of the students which are mostly valued in corporate now a days.
MBA MK 03: Sales and distribution management
The course helps the students to develop the familiarization of concepts, approaches and the practical aspects of the key decision making variables in sales force and distribution channel management.
MBA MK 04: Retail Management
This course provides students with a comprehensive understanding of retailing, an analysis of the retail environment and exposure to issues and developments in the retail industry.
MBA FM 03: Management of Financial Institutions and Services
The students will understand the nature and role of financial services, the guidelines and framework within which they operate and the purpose of these services and their role in the development of financial markets.
MBA FM 04: Tax Planning and Management
This paper helps in providing the students the basic knowledge of various taxes and tax planning in various types of organizations.
MBA IB 03: Export Management & Documentation
The subject help the students in identifying the suitable modes of foreign market entry, to acquaint the students with the intricacies associated with international marketing, to familiarize with the EXIM documentation procedures.

MBA IB 04: International Logistics Management
After completion of this course the students will learn the several important elements of international logistics such as global sourcing and trade and the growing strategic importance of various transport and logistical infrastructure facilities. It will highlight the prevailing international trade regulatory environment and its resultant impacts on global logistical issues, especially the intra and inter trade logistics between established trade blocs.
MBA IT 03: Data Communication & Network
The students will learn the technical and managerial challenges in supporting electronic commerce, virtual teams, intranets, extranets, remote access, Voice Over IP, internetworking over wide area network (WAN) technologies and effectively manage these complex networks.

MBA IT 04: Electronic Commerce
In this course, the students will be able to appreciate the basic components of a network as well as understand to integrate network based services for enhanced productivity within the organization as well as use these for conducting business over the Net.

MBA OP 01: Insurance & Risk Management
This paper aims at providing impetus to the students about insurance and banking operations in India. It also provides students basic ideas on thrust areas in  insurance and banking
MBA OP 02: Hospitality Management
The subject provides the study of the running of hotels, restaurants, and travel and tourism-related business. The curriculum is dedicated to impart education in the field of hospitality management, to prepare globally competitive managers & professionals for international hospitality industry.
MBA OP 03: Project Management
Successful new ventures and economic development and growth do not just happen. They are the result of right environment, planning, effort and innovation. This paper helps the students to discuss the entire area of project management and control.
MBA OP 04: Rural Management
The subject helps to create awareness about the applicability of the concepts, techniques and processes of marketing in rural context, to familiarize with the special problems related to sales in rural markets, to help understand the working of rural marketing institutions and agricultural products.


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