The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences enhances the interpretative and expressive skills of students in an intellectual environment that is stimulating and nurturing. It equips students with both a rigorous knowledge of the subject as well as critical and analytical ability. The English language programme aims to help students develop the capacity for critical enquiry into various aspects of the study of language and acquire specialised knowledge about the structure, development and function of English.

The linguistic training and experience that students acquire from the study of language are of professional relevance. An audio-visual language laboratory has multimedia computers, television, video cassette player, overhead projectors, a music system and state-of-the-art software from British Council of India which help students to speak fluent English.


-It is a course that aims to develop Technical Communication Skills. It is, therefore, lab based and practical in orientation.
-The course aims to polish the skills of the students.
-To help students perform well in all academic subjects through greater command over the English language.
-To promote efficiency in English language with the development of the four skills of language i.e. LSRW (Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing).
-Teach Etiquettes and Ethics to improve students’ overall branding.
-Reinforce passion, team work and communication skills.
-Prepare students to be ready to face the corporate world and be successful.
-To help the students to become independent users of English language.
-To make them able to understand spoken and written English language and to converse fluently without strain with International speakers of English in an accent and lexis that is widely understood across the globe.

Course Outcome:

-The Students will be able to express verbally.

-The Students will be competent second language speaker with high Lexical standards.

-The students will be able to identify interesting communication research questions/perform research and produce academic and professional writing of standard , suitable for seminar, conferences and publication in journals.

-The students will be able to apply strategic communication, planning, process, problem solving strategies and operational techniques effectively.

-The students will be able to apply current communication and media technologies to address clients problems related to marketing, advocacy or management.      


HOD hss

Dr. Ashu Tomar

The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences is headed by Dr. Ashu Tomar. She joined the institute on 1st September, 2009. She was also a warden of the Girls’ Hostel at Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut from 10th May, 2010 to 31st Jan, 2014.

She has membership of the following Professional Societies i.e. AESI and ELT Weekly. She has published and presented several research papers in International, National Seminars and Conferences and Referred Journals of well repute. She has involved herself with a variety of academic activities.


1.Dr. Ashu Tomar
a. A paper entitled Language and Culture is published in the International Journal of Culture, Literature and Criticism, Issue No. 12 ISSN 0976-1608 Oct-2015.
b.A paper entitled Use of Technology in Language Learning is published in ELT Voices- International Journal for Teachers of English Volume 6, Issue 2 ISSN Number 2230-9136 in 2016.
2.Dr. Rupa Tyagi
a. Participated in the “SOFT SKILLS WORKSHOP” held at Infosys, Chandigarh from 24th to 26th February, 2010 conducted by Infosys Technologies Limited.
b.Two Research papers titled “Kinesics and Paralinguistic: Cardinal Features of Presentation” and “ The study of Technical writing v/s General writing” are published in the ninth volume of National Journal of Social Sciences, Gayatri Publication, Rewa, M.P.
3.Ms. Anju Gautam
a.A paper entitled Domestic Violence against Women in India: Present Context is published in International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research in Science, Society and Culture (May 2016)
4.Ms. Renu Rani
a. Attended workshop on Research Methodology organized by Garhwal University.

Infrastructure: Department Of Humanities And Soicial Science

English Language Lab has been incorporated in the Engineering curriculum to the equip the aspiring professionals with adequate communication skills.The Language Lab syllabus is designed in such a way that our budding engineers can face the competitive world across fearlessly.Well planned modules are designed with special emphasis on oral communication and accent which not only improve the student's communication skill but also encourages them to face the corporate world.

-Digital language lab provides resources and facilities for language instruction and learning.
-It is an interactive software based multimedia learning system that is used for imparting effective language learning pace and convenience.
-It aims at mitigating stage fear, enthusing sensible talking to the public and raising a commanding and complete personality among the practitioners of English language.
-The students are trained on the voice pattern to modulate their voice in accordance with the needs of the occasion.
-Drilling students to speak confidently with correct pronunciation.
-Students are trained according to the British accent.
-To instill a sense of confidence among the students.
-Improvement of soft skills.


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