Department of Physics


After the completion of this course, a successful student will have a good understanding and knowledge of engineering Physics. A student will develop skills of critical appraisal and will be able to apply relevant scientific principles in solving real world engineering problems.

 Lab/Major Equipment:

-Gratings & Prisms
-Mercury & Sodium Light Source with Transfarmer
-Nodal Slide Assembly
-Traveling Microscopes
-Carry Foster’s Bridge
-Tangent Galvanometer
-Viscosity (Poiseuille’s Method) Apparatus
-Fiber Holder & He-Ne Laser,1m Multimode Fiber
-Energy Bandgap Setup
-Stefan’s Law Setup
-Ultrasonics (Complete Setup)
-Ballistic Galvanometer (Leakage Method, Complete Setup)
-Newton’s  Ring Assembly
-Biquartz & Half shade Polarimeter


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