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Throughout history, study of mathematics has helped many experience extraordinary accomplishments. The instilled knowledge has allowed civilizations to develop, worlds to unfold, one equation at a time. Noted Philosopher Kant has expressed his opinion as:

In every specific natural science there can be found only so much science proper as there is mathematics present in it. “I. Kant”

Fundamental comprehension in every practical aspect of life gives room for independent thought, therefore less interruptions from external forces. Creativity, confidence, courage, persistence,  and  many  other  virtues  often  cultivate  from  knowledge,  wisdom,  and  relevant control within oneself. In older cultures, Mathematics has always been closely related to religion and philosophy, and, through the ages, mathematical achievements have been deemed to be among men’s finest.  Besides being a contemplative art, mathematics has always been used to solve practical problems.

Mathematics came into being through the yearning to solve the mysteries of the universe and still works for us in that way and therefore there is always a need that all faculty members of mathematics keep pace with the latest emerging trends in mathematics and provide the students with a broadly based course of study directed towards an understanding of mathematics and its relation to other fields of study. All faculty members are actively engaged in research, academic and administrative activities of  the institute  in  the  true spirit of mathematics learners and are dedicated  to  the  cause  of  students  of  the institute.

The Department of Mathematics attained its present status of an independent department in January 2009 previously it was a part of applied science and humanities department. From its very inception, the department has aimed to be a center of excellence in mathematics and statistics and been vigorously engaged in both research and teaching. The vision of the department is not only to transform young people to competent and motivated professionals but also to contribute to the development of the nation, particularly the North, through research, consultancy and training activities.

The department has at present 16 energetic and dedicated faculty members, and a good number of distinguished mathematicians visit it every year. The department is teaching mathematics to about 2500 undergraduate and post graduate students. The members of the department have published more than 30 research papers in national and international journals of repute. The teaching of mathematics department is not confined only to engineering students. Applied Mathematics related courses like operation research, business statistics, discrete structures, remedial mathematics and advanced mathematics are being taught in computer application, management and pharmacy departments.

HOD: Mathematics

Dr. Praween Kumar Poonia is equipped with an extra ordinary competence and significant academic and administrative strength. With his eleven years of teaching career in Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut, he has made a subject, which horrifies many, into a simple one. He has authored one book “Computer Objective” for GATE and some PSU’s preparation. He has completed his Ph. D from CCS University under Prof. Asha Rani Singhal formerly Vice-chancellor CCS University, Meerut on “Reliability engineering”. He has, also to his credit, four research papers published in leading journals of Mathematics.


1. Dr. PK Poonia      Two national papers published
2. Dr. R.K Tripathi    Ph.D awarded and two national papers published
3. Dr. Anu Sirohi      One international and one national paper published
4. Ms. Zeenat Zaidi  Ph.D awarded and three national paper published
5. Ms. Shalu           Joined Ph.D from MTU, Noida


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