Department of CS

Program Outcomes:

The department of computer science has identified 14 program outcomes that undergraduate students should achieve during their course of study. These outcomes are listed below:

1-Graduates will demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics and science to analyse computing systems.
2-Graduates will have the conceptual knowledge and background to be able to analyse a problem and identify and define the computing requirements for its solution.
3-Graduates will have the ability to design a computer-based system, process, component or program.
4-Graduates will have the ability to implement a computer-based system, process, component or program.
5-Graduates will have the ability to evaluate an existing computer-based system, process, component or program.
6-Graduates will be able to work effectively in teams in designing and implementing software systems.
7-Graduates will be aware of key environmental and ethical issues affecting computer science and their responsibilities as computer science professionals.
8-Graduates will demonstrate the ability to orally communicate ideas and concepts clearly and in an organized manner.
9-Graduates will demonstrate the ability to write clear system documentation, user documentation and reports.
10-Graduates will have an understanding of the impact of computers in society.
11-Graduates will have a solid understanding of the concepts underlying computer science.
12-Graduates will demonstrate the ability to use current techniques, skills and tools for computing practice.

These program outcomes are designed to prepare the student for a lifetime of growth in a computer science career


Programme educational objectives:

In order to provide a quality undergraduate degree, the computer science program has three overarching objectives:

1-Graduates will be able to apply their technical knowledge and skills to develop and implement computer solutions that accomplish goals important to the industry in which they are working. They will be able to adapt to new technologies.
2-Graduates will be able to communicate and work as part of a team in order to be an effective member of their workplace and society.
3-Graduates will have a positive attitude concerning the computing profession and its impact on society. They will also have a desire to continue to grow intellectually and professionally in their chosen field.

Admission Open 2017-18

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