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Dr. Om Vikas was the senior Director and Head of Computer Development Division in the Ministry of Communication & Information Technology (Government of India).

His current research interests include Computer architecture, Data Design, Multi-lingual computing, and Informatics curriculum development.

Dr Vikas has vast experience of R&D, Teaching, Projects planning and International cooperation in industry, academia, government, and the missions abroad. He has been active member of several regional and international conference committees spearheading the promotion of multi-lingual information processing of Asian Languages, Technology for Object Oriented Languages and Systems (TOOLS), Thesaurus Modeled Sanskrit Database (Univ. of Texas), High Performance Computing Conference 2002, Spoken Language Conference 2002.

Dr Om Vikas is also coordinator of the national program on Technology Development for Indian Languages (TDIL) that covers Human Machine Interface Systems, Translation Support Systems, Knowledge/Lexical Resources, Knowledge Processing Tools, Localization, and Standardization, and Human Resource Development for Indian Languages. He has significantly contributed towards evolving Indian Scripts Standard Code for Information Interchange (ISCII) and now interfaces with UNICODE.

He represented India and actively participated in the Expert meeting on Multi-lingualism and Universal Access to Cyberspace. He was awarded the Fellow of the Russian Academy of Informatization of Education (1999). He is member of IEEE and fellow of the Institute of Electronics & Telecommunication Engineers.

He has over a score of research papers, several articles in conferences, and techno-economic analysis reports. He is founder chief editor of the Journal - VishwaBharat@tdil - on language technology in India. He received several national awards for his outstanding contributions towards promotion of Science & Technology in Hindi.

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