BIT Library Rules

Library Hours :09:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Weekend       :09:00 AM to 04:30 PM

 1.Students will be permitted to enter the library only if they carry their identity cum library card.

2.All library users must sign in/sign out in the register available with the attendant at the library entrance.

3.Personal belongings are not allowed in the library and can be kept in racks on ground floor, however. The students may carry loose papers and note books.

4.User’s of the library should not deface, mark, cut, and mutilate or damage the library property in any way. Person doing so will be fined heavily, apart from being asked to pay the cost of the damage.

5.Three library books will be issued to each student from library for duration of  10 days and one book per subject from book bank for a complete semester.

6.Six Books will be issued to each Faculty for the duration of complete semester.

7.In case the book is not returned on due date, the borrower will be asked to pay Rs-2/- per day for the book as penalty charges.

8.In case of loss of book by the borrower he/she shall replace the book + late fine as admissible. If he/she does not replace the book then he/she has to pay double cost of the book.

9.At the time of late fine individual must collect receipt for the payment from the library.

10. No Dues Certificate will be given only after surrendering of the Identity Card.

11. The use of cell phones in the library is forbidden, users are not permitted to smoke, consume food or drink in the library.

12. Complete silence should be maintained Group Discussions, Lectures are not allowed in the library.


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