Detail of Committee (MGMT)

(A) Faculty Committees

Course Counselors’: A faculty member is allotted to every 30 students and is keeps a track of academic progress of these students. A special slot of 1 hour per week has been earmarked in the time table where a course counselor interacts with these students to discuss their problems. A course counselor is supposed to keep a record of these meetings and on a fort night basis these reports are checked by the Head of the Department. The course counselors also interact with the wards of the students to apprise them about their wards progress. The course counselors also sends letters related to attendance and sessional examination performance to the guardians.
Project Evaluation Committee: Students who are in their final year of graduation has to submit a project. A Project Evaluation Committee consists of senior faculty members are representatives from the corporate to evaluate and advise students to prepare their projects. The committee organizes workshops and certifications on latest technologies which helps the students in preparing their projects.

Academic Committee: Foresees monitoring lesson plans, continuous academic program planning, student & faculty matters and research.
Discipline Committee: foresees the overall discipline of the department.
Departmental Accreditation Committee: monitors all the activities of the department and interviews faculty, students, potential employees to ensure the attainment of POs. Further accreditation committee suggests measures on regular basis for continuous quality improvement in all activities of the department.
Cultural and Sports Committee: The Cultural Committee comprises of elected students representatives and a faculty member. The Cultural Committee ensures that the students get a right mix of sports and cultural activities along with their normal study curriculum. The mission of Cultural Committee is to groom the students not only through academic events but also through sports and cultural events making him/her a well-balanced individual. The role and responsibility of Cultural Committee is to organize various events carried out at all levels successfully.

Conferences and Seminars Committee: Conferences, seminars and workshops are regularly organized, so that the students can have a focused exposure to management issues of topical interest, often not directly covered in the curriculum. This allows them to have meaningful discussions with industry professionals and domain experts and also their peers. Students play an active part in this process. Student teams are also sent to attend seminars and workshops conducted by other organizations such as industry associations and business chambers, to broaden their understanding of the business world. Seminars and workshops have been organized by the School of Management in the recent past on diverse themes such as:• QIP on “Case Base Learning in Management & Engineering”• Workshop on “Masters of Supply Chain Management– Small People, Great Work” by Dr. Pawan G .Agarwal, CEO -Mumbai Dabbawala• Workshop on “Indian Banking: Issues and Challenges”• National Seminar on “Impact of Global Meltdown on Indian Business”• National Seminar on “Corporate Social Responsibility in Current Economic Scenario”• National Seminar on “Business Scenario in Rural India.

Industrial Visits Committee: BIT, School of Management regularly organizes industrial visits to provide the best industry exposure to its students and to enable them with the functional and operational knowledge across industries. Some of the companies which our students visited in recent past were Bata, Parle Biscuits Pvt. Ltd., Hindustan Unilever Ltd. and C & S Electric Ltd.
Guest Lectures Committee: Responsible for inviting experienced professionals from various academic/non-academic spheres to deliver Guest lectures.

Placement Committee: Coordinates linkages between students, Corporate Affairs Development Centre (CADC) & industry for student’s placement activities.


(B) Students Committees

Students’ apex committee: Consisting of CRs from all programmes, this committee looks into broader issues of academic delivery, administrative students’ welfare; grievances etc. and coordinates the activities of other committees.
Students’ publications committee:This committee provides a forum to give vent to the creative energy of the students, collecting news, and articles etc. that make up the Students’ Section of the college magazine and also contribute to the updating of the institute website.
Students’ library committee:The committee collects suggestions for acquisition of books, on-line subscriptions, improvements in working of the library etc. and forwards these to the Institute’s Library Committee.
Co-curricular and extra-curricular activities committee: The committee organizes management related activities that add value to the academic curriculum. Debates, quizzes, competitions and participation in similar contests in other institutes are some of the regular activities. It is actively involved in organizing workshops, seminars and conferences. It also supports organizing industry interaction and organizing the annual Cultural Fest- Abhivyakti

Sports committee: The committee tries to ensure that the students have a healthy body to complement their healthy minds, so that they can face the grueling work routines they will soon embrace. Sports contests, participation in competitions etc. prepare the students for the big event – the annual Sports Day.
Students’ placement committee: This is one of the most active committees and supports the placement cell in all activities regarding corporate interaction, corporate events, alumni evening, etc. And also aids in summer internship and the final placement process.

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