Why B-Tech in Computer Science from BIT Meerut?

Adequate number of computer systems

High speed internet connectivity (More than 100 Mpbs connectivity in all labs)

Offers opportunities to participate in international conferences/events/contests.

Free training and internships to pre final year students.

Alliances with top notch IT companies

Department of CSE & IT

The Department of Computer Science and Engineering offers 4-year B.Tech. programs in Computer Science and Engineering and Information Technology with an intake of 180 and 60 respectively. We also offer M.Tech. in Computer Science and Engineering and MCA. 

At the undergraduate level, the Department lays emphasis on Software Engineering,Algorithm Analysis and Design,Operating Systems,Computer Graphics,Database and information Systems Engineering and Networking Technologies. The Department provides exposure to emerging technologies as well as futuristic technologies like Cloud computing and High Performance Computing.

The research thrust of the Department is in the fields of Software Engineering, Cloud Computing, Theoretical Computer Science, Data Mining , Information Systems and Computer Networking. The focus of the department is on state of the art projects to be done by our BTech and MTech students, excellent teaching learning process, better alumni relations, good Industry attachment program through project semester and outcome based education. Young, motivated and dedicated faculty. Many faculty members have presented their research work in highly reputed conferences and workshops Many faculty have certifications in cutting edge technology areas of Computer Science and Engineering Extensive student engagement framework through regular interactions, Annual Educational Tours, regular feedback mechanism, Professional Chapters and Societies Weekly Research Seminar on Every Wednesday on latest topics by experts/researchers and academicians. Strong Alumni Interaction through department Alumni Cell Capstone Project and Project Semester for professional skill development of students Department has a long list of distinguished visitors from India and Abroad for research and academic interactions. Department has a growing list of SCI Publications and Citations by the faculty and PhD students Department has state of the art labs with latest hardware and software required for UG, PG and PhD Program. Department has many MoUs signed with Industry and Foreign Institutions including EMC, TCS, Wipro, ORACLE. Department has a special cell for Women in Engineering to uplift and enhance the visibility of girl students and faculty in research and academics Department has very good linkages with outside world through the relationships that have been developed by senior faculty due to their research and academic interactions Department has an innovative lab having state of the art high performance computing infrastructure


  • To provide leading programs in Computer Science whose graduates are recognized widely as innovative and well-prepared computing professionals.



  • To encourage research in selected areas of computing, to provide quality, cutting-edge educational experiences at the Bachelor’s and Master’s levels; provide state-of-the-art education and training in the use of computers to the students and to assist other departments in developing faculty computing expertise appropriate to their programs

Course Structure

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Program Outcomes


The department of computer science has identified 12 program outcomes that undergraduate students should achieve during their course of study. These outcomes are listed below:

PO1-Graduates will demonstrate the ability to apply knowledge of mathematics and science to analyse computing systems.

PO2-Graduates will have the conceptual knowledge and background to be able to analyse a problem and identify and define the computing requirements for its solution.

PO3-Graduates will have the ability to design a computer-based system, process, component or program.

PO4-Graduates will have the ability to implement a computer-based system, process, component or program.

PO5-Graduates will have the ability to evaluate an existing computer-based system, process, component or program.

PO6-Graduates will be able to work effectively in teams in designing and implementing software systems.

PO7-Graduates will be aware of key environmental and ethical issues affecting computer science and their responsibilities as computer science professionals.

PO8-Graduates will demonstrate the ability to orally communicate ideas and concepts clearly and in an organized manner.

PO9-Graduates will demonstrate the ability to write clear system documentation, user documentation and reports.

PO10-Graduates will have an understanding of the impact of computers in society.

PO11-Graduates will have a solid understanding of the concepts underlying computer science.

PO12-Graduates will demonstrate the ability to use current techniques, skills and tools for computing practice.


These program outcomes are designed to prepare the student for a lifetime of growth in a computer science career.

Program Educational Objectives


 In order to provide a quality undergraduate degree, the computer science program has three overarching objectives:

PEO1-Graduates will be able to apply their technical knowledge and skills to develop and implement computer solutions that accomplish goals important to the industry in which they are working. They will be able to adapt to new technologies.

PEO2-Graduates will be able to communicate and work as part of a team in order to be an effective member of their workplace and society.

PEO3-Graduates will have a positive attitude concerning the computing profession and its impact on society. They will also have a desire to continue to grow intellectually and professionally in their chosen field.

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